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​Ash2Phos – pioneering patent for vital nutrient


Once used, a large proportion of virgin phosphorus, which is classified by the EU as a critical raw material, is to be found in sewage sludge. Ragn-Sells innovation company Easy Mining's pioneering Ash2Phos patent makes phosphorus circular by recovering it from the ash after the sludge has been incinerated. The end product is pure, recycled phosphorus that can replace virgin phosphorus in commercial products.

To understand how pioneering and important the Ash2Phos process is, you have to understand how vital phosphorus is. As Yariv Cohen, Head of Research and Development at EasyMining and the brain behind the unique Ash2Phos patent, puts it:

– Without phosphorus there is no life. All energy transfer in biological systems is based on phosphorus chemistry. The fact that we can move at all is thanks to phosphorus.

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Emma Ranerfors
Press Officer
Emma Ranerfors