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Developing diversity and inclusion as assets

Caroline Hübenette, HR Manager and Mikael Hedström, CEO at Ragn-Sells Treatment & Detox.Caroline Hübenette, HR Manager and Mikael Hedström, CEO at Ragn-Sells Treatment & Detox.

Ragn-Sells believes it’s essential to have a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. But working in a traditionally male-dominated industry can make that challenging and thus all the more necessary.

Ragn-Sells views diversity and inclusion as vital resources. It aims for a diverse workforce at all levels and positions, including an even gender balance, and an inclusive culture to welcome that workforce.

These goals are priorities that teams across all the various departments and subsidiaries throughout the Ragn-Sells group are actively working to achieve.

The value of diversity and inclusion

According to Mikael Hedström, CEO for Ragn-Sells Treatment & Detox in Sweden, the key benefit to diversity is the addition of different perspectives.

– I think it enhances the value of discussions and consequently the decisions that we make improve, he explains.

For Caroline Hübenette, HR Manager at Ragn-Sells, diversity and inclusion are also critical for attracting the right people with the right skills who can contribute to the business through increased productivity and understanding of customers.

– We can't afford to exclude people because we don't have diversity and inclusion in place, she adds.

Yet Ragn-Sells operates in sectors of a traditionally male-dominated industry. And that can make reaching out to diverse candidates difficult, as well as getting them to stay.  

– It doesn't matter if a company attracts women in the recruitment process, if when they start, they meet a culture that they can't contribute to and work in, says Hübenette.

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Emma Ranerfors
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Emma Ranerfors