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Ragn-Sells has an important role in the shift towards a circular economy. The below articles are exemples of making this happen. Welcome to our World!

As market leader within the recycling industry, Ragn-Sells is the facilitator which can help other sectors and society as a whole to become more sustainable. Read the article and see the film on how we are implementing the circular economy >>

Even in a circular economy, there are tricky waste streams that are difficult to manage. Safely handling toxic substances that should not be reintroduced into society is an important mission for Ragn-Sells. Read the article and see the film about our business area Treatment & Detox >>

We are working continuously to find solutions for materials that are not yet recyclable. Together with the Danish company ROCKWOOL, Ragn-Sells is presenting a recycling solution for rockwool. Read the article about the collaboration and the process that makes the rockwool into new products >>

As an element in a long-term goal to be fossil-free in the future, Ragn-Sells Norway has invested in its first electric-powered recycling vehicle. The vehicle, which operates in Oslo, has been named ”Highway to electricity”. Read more about why the vechicle has become a success >>

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The Ragn-Sells Group is a privately held corporate group, operating companies in four countries.


Emma Ranerfors
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Emma Ranerfors