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Groundwater expert, Dr John Cherry, wins 2020 Stockholm Water Prize


Dr John Cherry receives the world’s most prestigious water award, the Stockholm Water Prize, in 2020. He is awarded for discoveries that have revolutionized our understanding of groundwater vulnerability. Dr Cherry’s work has raised awareness of how groundwater contamination is growing across the world and has led to new, more efficient methods to tackle the problem. Ragn-Sells, one of the founders of the award, congratulates him and are looking forward to the award ceremony which takes place on August 26 during the Water Week in Stockholm.¨

Dr John Cherry is a world-renowned hydrogeologist and a leading authority on the threats to groundwater from contamination. As the creator of the academic field contaminant hydrogeology, he has changed the scientific paradigms of groundwater research.

Contaminant hydrogeology studies how chemicals and waste leaches into the groundwater. A geological engineer by training, Dr Cherry has pioneered highly collaborative field experiments and new systematic approaches to monitor, control and clean up contaminated groundwater. This has provided keen insights into contaminant transport processes and made it easier to protect groundwater, the source of drinking water for nearly half the global population.

In its citation, the Stockholm International Water Prize Nominating Committee said: “With the Stockholm Water Prize, John Cherry is recognized for his contributions to science, education, practice and for translating his well-earned stature into a passionate and highly effective advocacy for groundwater science to inform current and future policies, laws and collective deliberations that governments must establish to protect water, our most essential and yet most imperilled resource.”

Read more about Dr John Cherry and his work here.

Facts: Ragn-Sells is one of the founders

Stockholm WaterPrize was established by the Stockholm Water Foundation to encourage research and development of the earth's aquatic environments. The prize is supported Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien, International Water Association, Water Environment Federation and Stockholm City. The companies that founded Stockholm WaterPrize are united by a strong desire to increase sustainability in the water sector. The prize's founders are Bacardi, Poul Due Jensen Foundation, Ragn-Sells, Water Environment Federation, Xylem and Ålandsbanken.

Facts: About SIWI

Stockholm International Water Institute is a policy institute that develops knowledge and inform policy makers about water-smart policies and sustainable development. SIWI conducts research, gathers formal knowledge and provides advice in five thematic areas: water management, cross-border water management, water and climate change, the connection water/energy/food and water economy. SIWI organizes World Water Week in Stockholm - an annual and globally leading meeting place for water and development issues - and hosts Stockholm Water Prize, Stockholm Junior Water Prize and Stockholm Industry Water Award.

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