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LIVE today “Circularity and the Race to Zero”

The environmental company Ragn-Sells is a proud main sponsor and speaker at the virtual event Exponential Climate Action Summit - Circularity and the Race to Zero during the Climate Week NYC, on September 23rd. ​

The third Exponential Climate Action Summit will focus on the challenges, opportunities, and creative solutions regarding circularity and resource efficiency. What role does circularity play in the Race to Zero, across production chains at speed and at scale?

The event brings together transformers, disruptors, and enablers focusing on how the circular economy will contribute to lowering emissions while addressing human needs.

September 23 at 14:00 CEST, Global Online Broadcast 

At WeDontHaveTime.org/circularity you can find the full program. 

Please visit the site and register to watch the conference! There is a lot to learn. If you register it will also be possible to watch the conference on-demand later.

About the event:
The Exponential Climate Action Summits is a collaboration between We Don't Have Time, Ericsson, and The Exponential Roadmap Initiative. The summits focus on bringing together stakeholders, experts and activists in a conversation about how to scale exponential solutions to the climate crisis. For the third Exponential Climate Action Summits, Ragn-Sells is the main sponsor of the event.

About Ragn-Sells Group

Ragn-Sells is a family owned corporate group, with operations in four countries. We started our journey in 1881, and since 1966 we have been involved in waste management, environmental services, and recycling. We collect, treat, detoxify, and recycle waste and residual products from businesses, organisations, and households so that they can become feedstock into new production processes. www.ragnsells.com


Emma Ranerfors
Press Officer
Emma Ranerfors