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New acquisition closes one more loop

In March this year, Ragn-Sells acquired the Estonian company Pandipakendi Automatiseeritud Käitlussüsteem OÜ (P.A.K.), with a business portfolio adding to and expanding the Ragn-Sells service offering in Estonia. The acquisition also makes it possible for Ragn-Sells to close one more loop.

- P.A.K. fits perfectly to Ragn-Sells strategy and with our guiding principles for creating circular solutions and closing material loops. It will enable us to take a strong position both in the private household waste market and within different types of business generated waste streams, says Kadri Ulla, Business Development Manager at Ragn-Sells Estonia.

P.A.K. offers the final consumer a comfortable solution for returning packaging with a deposit mark through the network of reversed vending machines across Estonia. The acquisition will strengthen Ragn-Sells’ market position in general as it is expected to increase sales of existing waste management services, and further establish Ragn-Sells position in relation to the cooperation with the retail sector, as well as with other new types of customer segments.

- This project allows us to collect additional and already sorted, clean, high profit material for reuse and recycle. It will also give us the possibility to serve high value customer groups that we have not been able to serve with our existing logistic system and team. For example, the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) sector, says Kadri Ulla.

Ragn-Sells principles for Circular economy

Ragn-Sells has identified a few basic principles to guide us as we develop our business. We are convinced that these basic principles are necessary to follow to achieve a circular economy and a functioning market where waste replaces virgin resources.

These three principles serve as rule of thumb for our business development work; De facto reduce the need for usage of virgin resources, De-contaminate circular flows and No debts or hindrances pushed to future generations.

As of 1 March, PAK now is a subsidiary to Ragn-Sells Estonia with around 100 employees working all over Estonia.

- The aim is to find as much synergy as possible between the two companies in areas such as logistics, client service centre, technical team, IT team, etc., in order to increase the efficiency of both companies, Kadri Ulla concludes.

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Emma Ranerfors