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New employee learning model is securing Ragn-Sells future

Kristina Eklund Nielsen, Head of Ragn-Sells AcademyKristina Eklund Nielsen, Head of Ragn-Sells Academy

Ragn-Sells Academy provides learning opportunities for employees throughout the Ragn-Sells Group. It’s designed to continue the development and growth of employees’ skill sets but also prepare the organisation for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. In 2021, the Academy began actively incorporating a learning journey model for employee education.

– As employers, we need to create conditions for continuous learning and development that ensure everyone at Ragn-Sells has relevant skills at an ever-faster pace of development. Increasing digitalisation and the need to learn in proximity to the tasks performed prompted us to fit learning opportunities into the work, explains Kristina Eklund Nielsen, Head of Ragn-Sells Academy.

Establishing a culture of learning

In order to lay the foundation of competencies and expertise necessary for future success, Ragn-Sells needs to enable its employees to develop their skills and grow professionally within the company. And to do that, Ragn-Sells must become a learning organisation, a company that facilitates a culture of learning to be a more competitive business. Ragn-Sells Academy is the engine of that ongoing transformation, which took a major step forward in 2021 by adapting to a new learning model.

Traditional education models are not always effective in workplace learning. The participants often find it difficult to actually apply the new knowledge gained, struggling to create new behaviours and habits afterwards. Research shows that only 1 in 6 participants succeed in transforming their new knowledge into practice from learning opportunities based on traditional education models.

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Emma Ranerfors
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Emma Ranerfors