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Ragn-Sells Denmark first to recycle plastic from organic waste


Ragn-Sells-owned NC Miljø in Denmark is first to recycle plastic from organic waste. Advanced sorting and a pioneering washing technology enables the sorted plastic to be pelleted and re-used as a raw material, instead of incinerating it as was previously the case. The convenience store chain Netto is the first to use the recycled plastic and thanks to the new technology can offer its customers circular bin-liners, made from the company’s own organic waste.

NC Miljø, which specialises in organic waste, was acquired by Ragn-Sells in Denmark three years ago.

– Today we are biggest in Scandinavia for organic waste, handling about 80,000 tonnes a year. NC Miljø receives waste food and organic waste from municipalities, i.e. from households, from the service sector and from food shops, says Massimo Forti, CEO of Ragn-Sells in Denmark.

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Emma Ranerfors
Press Officer
Emma Ranerfors