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Strengthening and shaping a system-wide culture of safety

Anna-Karin Petursson, Work Environment Manager at Ragn-Sells Sweden.Anna-Karin Petursson, Work Environment Manager at Ragn-Sells Sweden.

Through group-wide initiatives, like instituting a new reporting tool and adding a new metric to measure progress, Ragn-Sells continues to shape a culture of safety across all levels. One with the goal to become the industry leader in workplace safety by 2030 and built on a foundation of mutual trust and collaboration.

Leadership is key to shaping the culture of workplace safety at Ragn-Sells. Management needs to promote open communication as a company norm so that employees feel supported in reporting risks or accidents. They must also foster a work environment where employees can thrive, as well as respect and care for each other. These principles are at the heart of every effort contributing to the culture of safety at Ragn-Sells.

A prime example is the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management requirements. The ISO 45001 is an international system for managing workplace health and safety on both a physical and mental level, and it marks a change in industry standards for Ragn-Sells.

– Unlike with previous standards, there is a much greater focus on the management's commitment to safety culture and the shared participation of every employee to help us identify what issues we need to work on, says Anna-Karin Petursson, Work Environment Manager at Ragn-Sells Sweden.

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Emma Ranerfors
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Emma Ranerfors