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Successful online climate conference


The world’s largest online climate conference successfully took place last week, but the work to reduce our carbon emissions has just begun. During the conference, Ragn-Sells Sustainability Director Pär Larshans was present to speak about the work and initiatives of the company, which were mentioned as good examples in several cases.

The organisers of Earth Day Week were the organisation “We Don´t Have Time” based in Stockholm Sweden, “Earth Day Network” based in Washington DC in the US, and “Exponential roadmap” that unites innovators, scientists, companies and NGO’s around the world.

The conference broadcasted both from Sweden and the US every weekday during the Earth Day week. More then 1 000 000 people interacted or watched the live broadcasts throughout the week. Speakers from five continents participated.

- I was truly amazed over the planning and the studio setup where I had the honour to participate twice during the week. I discussed circularity and consumption, and later held a speech with the theme “Ashes to ashes... A fossil-free fertilizer for food production in the 21st century”, says Pär Larshans, Sustainability Director at Ragn-Sells.

Good examples

Under the seminar topic “sustainable food production”, Ragn-Sells three different circular processes to recover detoxified nutrients were used as good examples. The different processes all help to reduce carbon, reduce unwanted substances and enables production of nutrients from all urban environments.

Ragn-Sells initiative “Älskade Stad” (i.e. Beloved City), which combines transport of goods and waste to city centres with fossil free deliveries, served as another good example. A BBC film about the business model, recorded last autumn, was shown. Pär Larshans highlighted how important it is to have a leadership based on collaboration in order to be able to succeed with the circular transition, and how Ragn-Sells now have up until now expanded the business model to four cities in two different countries.

The online conference was a global success, perhaps even more because of the current situation.
- Ragn-Sells solutions will need to scale exponential to contribute with a substantial impact. Ragn-Sells ambition during the next 10 years is to give megacities around the world the possibility to recirculate potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. We will need partners from all over the world in order to succeed for the best of future generations, says Pär Larshans.

Watch the film from BBC here: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/stories-50828056/the-delivery-driver-who-takes-away-your-rubbish.

Read about sustainable food production here: https://www.wedonthavetime.org/earthdayweek/food-and-agriculture

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Emma Ranerfors
Press Officer
Emma Ranerfors