2022-09-16 03:50Press release

Climate Week NYC: “Let’s focus on circular material flows”

Environmental company Ragn-Sells’ Danish CEO Massimo Forti, will participate in a high level meeting with UNEP executive director Inger Andersen at the ICC CEO Forum on Plastics Pollution, which is held in conjunction with the UN General Assembly meeting on the 19th of September, 2022.

 The purpose of Ragn-Sells' participation is to share knowledge on how businesses can take action to avoid plastics ending up in oceans, and also, to stress the importance to increase the global awareness of moving toward world-class resource management based on circular principles rather than focusing on waste management.

- Plastic is amazing and contributes in many ways to sustainability. But the consequences of our management of plastic waste have reached deep waters. Literally. Therefore, I am looking forward to sharing knowledge and concrete examples of how to add new plastic recycling schemes to the current plastic recycling processes, says Massimo Forti, CEO of environmental company Ragn-Sells Denmark.

Ragn-Sells Denmark is focusing on recycling plastic from the mixed and unclean plastic waste streams, originating from Danish households, shops, and companies, rather than from the clean and rigid plastics that already are being recycled which is a much easier task. Out of the plastic waste, Ragn-Sells can produce several types of FAIR Plastic feedstock that can be used in the production of new plastic products.

–If we are serious about creating a sustainable society, we have to use more of the raw materials we have already extracted. We can all contribute by taking responsibility for and helping out by pushing the demand for recycled plastic in new products, says Mr. Forti.

During his visit, Mr. Forti will, in addition to the meeting at ICC CEO Forum, also participate as a speaker at We Don’t Have Times’ Live broadcast “The Road to COP27” held on 20 September as a part of the Climate Week NYC Hub.

For more information, please contact:
Massimo Forti, CEO of Ragn-Sells Denmark, +4522208970, massimo.forti@ragnsells.com
Emma Ranerfors, Press officer, +46107232416, press@ragnsells.com

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Emma Ranerfors
Press Officer
Emma Ranerfors