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New treatment plant for mixed plastic waste in Denmark

Massimo Forti, CEO Ragn-Sells Denmark, Tjaco Naaktgeboren, CFO Van Werven, Madeleine Ljunggren, CFO Ragn-Sells and Ton Van Der Giessen, CEO Van Werven.Massimo Forti, CEO Ragn-Sells Denmark, Tjaco Naaktgeboren, CFO Van Werven, Madeleine Ljunggren, CFO Ragn-Sells and Ton Van Der Giessen, CEO Van Werven.

Environmental company Ragn-Sells, and plastic recycling company Van Werven are expanding their collaboration by creating a joint venture to ensure effective recycling of hard plastic waste. The agreement includes the construction of a new production facility in Denmark, operational by the end of 2023.

- If we are serious about creating a sustainable society, we have to use more of the raw materials we have already extracted. Plastic is an amazing material and contributes in many ways to sustainability. But, of all the plastic produced in the world, only 9 percent is recycled, 12 percent is burned, and the rest is still out there somewhere, says Massimo Forti, CEO of the environmental company Ragn-Sells in Denmark.

The joint venture will develop a new plastic recycling plant in Denmark that will handle over 20,000 tonnes of hard plastic waste annually and is expected to be operational at the end of 2023. The plant will primarily handle mixed types of hard plastic including PVC, as well as other types of hard plastic from municipalities and industrial companies, such as boxes, pipes, buckets, pallets, furniture, etc.

- Based on our collective experience and know-how from the production and recycling of plastics, we will together with Ragn-Sells provide the highest possible recycling of mixed hard plastic waste from municipalities, construction, and industry in Denmark, says Ton Van Der Giessen, CEO of Van Werven.

Smaller pre-sorting hubs already established in several central locations throughout Denmark allow efficient nationwide collection of all these fractions. Another important material source is the hard plastic waste from the construction industry.

Quality and a uniform supply of raw materials are two decisive factors in the plastics industry. At the new treatment plant, the plastic waste will be sorted and cleaned in a way that allows it to be used for the same purpose over and over again.

- This solution ensures that the collected material is processed locally within the Danish borders. And that the recycled raw material can be used by the Danish plastics industry to produce new products for sale and use in Denmark again, says Massimo Forti.

The joint venture is in line with the Danish Plastics Action Plan and will also contribute to new employment opportunities in Denmark.

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Emma Ranerfors
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Emma Ranerfors