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Ragn-Sells brings climate solutions to COP26

The environmental company Ragn-Sells, together with sixteen other Swedish trailblazing companies, prominent experts, and dedicated politicians, are part of Business Sweden’s delegation of sustainability leaders to the UN COP26 climate summit, taking place in Glasgow in November.

- We are very proud to be a part of Business Sweden’s delegation and really look forward to share knowledge and insight on already available circular climate solutions, to inspire policymakers and business leaders to reuse raw materials from waste instead of extracting new, says Pär Larshans, Director of Sustainability at Ragn-Sells.

Today, half of the world’s emissions are caused by the production of common goods such as food, clothing, cars, etc. This is largely a consequence of raw materials being mined, used, and then thrown away, rather than being recovered and used over and over again. Ragn-Sells  has set a goal to be climate positive by 2030. To reach that goal, Ragn-Sells will continue to develop solutions that detoxify resources and bring them back into the production cycle again.

- We look forward to participating at COP26, together with partners like Gelsenwasser, Alfa Laval, E.ON, and Hitachi Zosen Inova, to inspire the policymakers of the world to make it easier and more profitable for businesses to use recycled materials, says Jan Svärd, CEO of Ragn-Sells innovation company EasyMining, who will also be participating in Glasgow.

You can reach us before, during, and after the climate summit, through our colleagues who will be on site in Glasgow:

Pär Larshans, Director of Sustainability at Ragn-Sells, par.larshans@ragnsells.com, or +46 (0)70 927 29 63.
Pär Larshans is an award winner in communication, social sustainability, and intrapreneurship, listed multiple times by Trust Across America as one of the Top Thought Leaders in Trust. He is the appointed expert in the government task force for setting environmental targets for sea and coastal regions in Sweden, and for the coalition group for climate-neutral Swedish industry by 2045.

Jan Svärd, CEO of EasyMining, an innovation company in the Ragn-Sells Group, jan.svard@easymining.se, or +46 (0)70 978 64 74.
Jan Svärd is an expert in circular management of resources. EasyMining's technical solutions for recycling raw materials from, among other things, sewage sludge ash and fly ash have several times received support from Klimatklivet, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s climate investment support programme, for their potential to reduce climate emissions on a large scale.

For more information, schedule, and links to the various sessions, please visit www.ragnsells.com/COP26, or contact;
Emma Ranerfors, press officer at Ragn-Sells, press@ragnsells.com, +46 (0)10 723 24 16.

About Ragn-Sells Group

Ragn-Sells is a family owned corporate group, with operations in four countries. We started our journey in 1881, and since 1966 we have been involved in waste management, environmental services, and recycling. We collect, treat, detoxify, and recycle waste and residual products from businesses, organisations, and households so that they can become feedstock into new production processes. www.ragnsells.com


Emma Ranerfors
Press Officer
Emma Ranerfors