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Ragn-Sells Group CEO wins European CEO Award 2023

Ragn-Sells Group CEO, Lars Lindén, Wins European CEO Award 2023Ragn-Sells Group CEO, Lars Lindén, Wins European CEO Award 2023

Lars Lindén, CEO of the Ragn-Sells Group, has been named the winner of the European CEO Award 2023 in the Waste Management & Recycling Industry category.

- It is, of course, very gratifying and honourable to be recognised in this way, but naturally, the appointment is the outcome of extensive teamwork with all employees across the entire group over many years, says Lars Lindén.

Lars Lindén has been awarded the title of European CEO of the Year in the Waste Management & Recycling Industry category, a new category on this year's list. He took on the role of CEO in 2016, and during these seven years, the business has transitioned from focusing on logistics, transport, and waste treatment to having innovations in place today that can meet society's needs for vital raw materials and accelerate the shift to a circular economy.

- If we are serious about creating a sustainable society, we must use the resources we already have, over and over again. That's why it feels especially good to lead a family-owned business in its third generation with a long-term vision, says Lars Lindén.

The world faces enormous challenges, largely due to the short-term use of natural resources since the start of the industrial revolution. The consequences of this short-sighted thinking mean that almost all planetary boundaries are being exceeded. Against this backdrop, Ragn-Sells and the world are now facing a paradigm shift.

- Ragn-Sells has developed solutions that, when implemented globally, will reduce the risks of surpassing the planetary boundaries. In today's linear economy, we are seen as the 'waste company,' but in a circular economy, we become a supplier of recycled raw materials, concludes Lars Lindén.

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