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Ragn-Sells inaugurates testbed for future circular solutions

Ragn-Sells Future Solutions Hub is a testbed, a hall intended for testing new ways to develop Ragn-Sells operations and business.

On June 4th, the environmental company Ragn-Sells inaugurated a new testbed at their facility located outside Umeå, Sweden. The testbed is designed to develop and test new circular solutions with the aim of increasing recycling rates and reducing the use of virgin materials, thereby decreasing climate emissions.

"If we are serious about creating a sustainable society, we must reuse the resources we already have, over and over again. To achieve this, new circular offerings are necessary. Our new testbed enables us to act quickly and be even more flexible," says Camilla Sonnentheil, Head of Business Development at Ragn-Sells Recycling Sweden.

According to the UN, the extraction and processing of virgin materials account for more than 50 percent of the climate change. Consequently, an economy built on recycled materials to a greater extent than today is key to all efforts towards a climate neutral society.

"The rate of change in the recycling industry is high, and it is becoming increasingly crucial to keep up with and lead this development. The testbed is therefore an important part of the entire Ragn-Sells Group's innovation efforts, where we strive to find new circular solutions that increase material recycling rates," says Magnus Uvhagen, CEO of Ragn-Sells Recycling Sweden.

On June 4th, Ragn-Sells inaugurated the Ragn-Sells Future Solutions Hub* at their existing facility outside Umeå. During the inauguration, participants also had the opportunity to learn more about the testbed and the ongoing projects aimed at improving material handling and developing new recycling processes.

"We have been running several projects during the spring. Among other things, we have looked at flows within the construction sector, textile recycling, compostable materials, as well as flat glass and laminated glass," says Camilla Sonnentheil.

*Ragn-Sells Future Solutions Hub is a testbed, a hall intended for testing new ways to develop Ragn-Sells operations and business.

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The environmental company Ragn-Sells converts waste into raw materials that can be used over and over again. Ragn-Sells drives the transition to a circular economy through solutions that reduce its own and other actors' environmental and climate impact. Ragn-Sells wants to be living proof that caring for the earth and business go hand in hand. Ragn-Sells is a family owned corporate group founded in 1881. The company operates in four countries and employs over 2,500 people. In 2023, Ragn-Sells’ turnover was SEK 8.5 billion. www.ragnsells.com


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