2019-10-02 06:59Press release

Ragn-Sells' new reThink certificate promotes the transition to a circular economy


In line with EU's growth strategy for a resource-efficient Europe, Ragn-Sells launches its new Resource Efficiency certificate, reThink. Through the certificate, Ragn-Sells will help its customers become more resource efficient and thereby support the transition to a circular economy.

- Through the reThink certificate, we help our customers review and streamline waste management in a structured way. With our broad knowledge and experience, we can help them become more sustainable in accordance with both EU's environmental goals and the UN's global goals linked to waste management, says Maria Kosinski, Group Portfolio Manager at Ragn-Sells.

With the concept of reThink, Ragn-Sells wants to increase their customers' knowledge and interest for their sorting grade, landfill grade and the proportion of circulated material in order to make waste management more efficient and sustainable. Customers are offered a digital education in circular economy with a focus on how to achieve the UN's global goals together with others. The reThink certificate includes an annual review of waste management with improvement proposals and degree of sorting. Each year, the certificate includes an annual rating which can be improved. In addition, Ragn-Sells donates money to a non-profit organisation that works with recycling and waste handling.

- Customers can highlight the reThink certificate in their own sustainability report. It feels fantastic to be able to offer this to our customers and to start moving towards a circular society where we can reduce the extraction of virgin materials from our planet, says Maria Kosinski.

Initially, the reThink certificate will be launched in Sweden, and will soon also be offered to our customers in Ragn-Sells other markets.

- With the help of reThink we can share our knowledge with our partners and inspire people to think in a circular way. We want to help build bridges between companies and to show the good examples we see, so that more people want to step into the circular economy, says Pär Larshans, Sustainability Director at Ragn-Sells.

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Emma Ranerfors
Press Officer
Emma Ranerfors