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Ragn-Sells’ project on resource extraction from fly ash granted EUR 4.8 million from Klimatklivet


The environmental company Ragn-Sells’ project for the treatment and extraction of salts from fly ash receives EUR 4.8 million in investment support from Klimatklivet, i.e. Sweden's investment aid for projects that reduce climate emissions. The new facility is being built in Bro outside of Stockholm. In the project, Ragn-Sells collaborates with highly reputable Adven.

The treatment process, based on Ragn-Sells’ patented Ash2Salt technology, extracts valuable resources from fly ash from waste incineration while removing environmental toxins from the recycling loop.

- Ragn-Sells’ circular solutions reduce emissions, create new jobs and establish Sweden as a global example. The fact that Klimatklivet invests EUR 4.8 million in our and Adven’s collaboration on fly ash is proof of this, which we are very grateful for, says Mikael Hedström, CEO of Ragn-Sells Treatment & Detox.

Every year, Sweden produces 300,000 tonnes of fly ash from energy production through the incineration of waste. The fly ash is a hazardous waste, but at the same time contains valuable resources such as potassium, an essential nutrient in agriculture. About half of the Swedish fly ash is today sent to a closed limestone quarry on the island of Langøya in the Oslo Fjord. Thus, neither recovering the valuable substances from the fly ash nor taking away the environmental toxins.

- The plant in Bro is one of the largest investments made in material recycling in Sweden. Adven strives to be part of the solution to counter climate change and looks forward to being involved in enabling a circular alternative for fly ash, says Henrik Johansson Casimiro, CEO of Adven Sweden.

Adven is the leading supplier of tailor-made energy, water and recovery solutions as a service in the Nordic and Baltic countries and also serves as a full-service partner to industry players.

The ceremonial kick-off for the construction project of the Ash2Salt facility at Ragn-Sells’ treatment plant Högbytorp in Bro outside of Stockholm was taken in mid-April. The plant will be fully operational in 2022.

Klimatklivet, which has existed since 2015, is a state investment aid for projects that reduce Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions. It is part of Sweden's ambition to become one of the world's first climate-neutral welfare countries.

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Facts: Ash2Salt

When flue gases are purified during waste incineration, fly ash is formed, a hazardous waste with high levels of heavy metals and chlorides, among other things. In the Ash2Salt process, the fly ash is washed and three commercial salts are extracted from the wash liquid: sodium chloride, potassium chloride and calcium chloride.

The ash residues that remain after treatment with Ash2Salt are no longer a hazardous waste, as large amounts of environmental toxins have been separated. Therefore, the residues do not need to be placed on special landfills for hazardous waste, and the total landfill requirement is reduced.

Facts: Klimatklivet

Klimatklivet  (in English "the climate leap") is Sweden’s state investment aid for local and regional measures that reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases that affect the climate. The investment is part of the state budget decided by Parliament. In the budget for 2020, SEK 1.9 billion is earmarked for investment support within Klimatklivet and for expanding charging infrastructure.

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