2021-04-28 10:00Press release

Ragn-Sells publishes Sustainability Report 2020

The environmental company Ragn-Sells’ Sustainability Report for 2020 is now published. The report summarises the Ragn-Sells Group’s sustainability achievements and sustainability work in 2020.

– Sustainability is our core business and it is the very essence of what we do as a company and how we enable both our customers and society to become more sustainable. And despite the challenges we have faced in the past year, 2020 was a year with a very strong overall result for Ragn-Sells, says Lars Lindén, CEO Ragn-Sells Group.

The Sustainability Report is presented online on www.ragnsells.com and according to the GRI Standards: Core option. The report highlights the progress that has been made on the way towards a circular society and summarises the company’s sustainability work in 2020.

Ragn-Sells’ long term sustainability strategy supports the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

– Our overall commitment is to be climate positive by 2030 and to drive the transition to a society based on circular principles in a low carbon economy. We will be climate positive through innovative circular solutions that both detoxify and recycle back critical resources to society, says Pär Larshans, Sustainability Director, Ragn-Sells Group.

The sustainability report was approved at the board meeting on 22 April 2020.

For more information, please contact:

Pär Larshans, Sustainability Director, Ragn-Sells
+46 70-927 29 63, par.larshans@ragnsells.com

Emma Ranerfors, Press Officer, Ragn-Sells
+46 10-723 24 16, press@ragnsells.com

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About Ragn-Sells Group

Ragn-Sells is a family owned corporate group, with operations in four countries. We started our journey in 1881, and since 1966 we have been involved in waste management, environmental services, and recycling. We collect, treat, detoxify, and recycle waste and residual products from businesses, organisations, and households so that they can become feedstock into new production processes. www.ragnsells.com


Emma Ranerfors
Press Officer
Emma Ranerfors