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Ragn-Sells’ Sustainability Director leads ICC's working group on Circular Economy

Pär Larshans, Sustainability Director at Ragn-Sells leads ICC's working group on Circular EconomyPär Larshans, Sustainability Director at Ragn-Sells leads ICC's working group on Circular Economy

The International Chamber of Commerce, ICC, has appointed Ragn-Sells’ Sustainability Director Pär Larshans as co-chair of a new global working group on the Circular Economy. The group's task is to contribute, from a business perspective, with gathered knowledge and experience to current sustainability issues within the UNEP, WCO, and WTO.

- Circular material flows are required for the industry to be able to contribute to fulfilling the Paris Agreement and the circular transition drastically reduces the risk of transgressing our planetary boundaries. I am looking forward to collaborating with like-minded companies from all over the world with circular ambitions to protect the free trade necessary for a successful transition, says Pär Larshans, Sustainability Director at the environmental company Ragn-Sells.

In 2021, the ICC conducted a study, in which Ragn-Sells participated, to map today's hindrances and how trade policy measures can contribute to accelerating the transition to a circular economy with a focus on the WTO process. Circular material flows are becoming an increasingly important part of the raw material supply in the future and therefore ICC has decided to establish a working group to accelerate the transition.

The group will work on collecting examples of the hindrances that companies face on a regulatory, legal, and practical level, develop analyses in the area, as well as inform and influence decision-makers within the framework of forums such as the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), The WTO's Structured Discussions on Trade and Environmental Sustainability(TESSD), and its Circular Economy Working Group, World Customs Organization (WCO), World Circular Economy Forum, and The Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Transport of Waste.

The working group will be led jointly by Pär Larshans, sustainability Director at Ragn-Sells, Erick Hernández Gallego, stakeholder at Greenberg Traurig (Mexico), and Martina Kavanagh, Executive Program Manager, Import Compliance EMEA/Global Remanufactured Trade at IBM (Ireland/USA).

For further information, please contact:
Pär Larshans, Director of Sustainability, +46 70 927 29 63, par.larshans@ragnsells.com
Emma Ranerfors, Press Officer, +46 10 723 24 16 , press@ragnsells.com

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Emma Ranerfors
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Emma Ranerfors